What i eat on sunday

Hello there,

I am not a homemade or healthy food guru, but you should all know that sometimes, you can save a lot of money by making your own food and it doesn’t take more time than going to the store when you suddenly want to eat that.

Having things at home is comfortable, and enable you to release your imagination and creativity without wondering “hum, i want to eat that but do i have the ingredients? argh i have to go to the store, then to cook at home… let’s order it on the Internet!”. You do not need to anticipate the recipes, but only the ingredients. If you are vegan, it is very easy, you just need to always have different kind of flours, seeds, nuts, dairy-free milk, fruits and greens ! Storing them can be tricky, especially if you have a small kitchen like me, i will give you some tricks later 🙂

Last but not least, making your own food is healthier and more flavourish… ok i may speak like a homemade healthy guru… 🙂


Here is an example of what i eat on sundays, when i don’t have a lot of time.

Chia seeds pudding

I love chia seeds pudding. I love love love its taste, its texture and the crunchy sound when eating it. Making your own fresh chia seeds pudding only takes a few minutes (yes a few minutes!) and is far cheaper than the pudding you can buy in stores. In stores you can pay 4 euros for one serving. With 4 euros, i have enough chia seeds for mor than 1 hundred servings !

Recipe ? -> coming soon

Homemade granola with fruit

Granola is my favorite. I can store it for weeks, it’s an easy gift to friends or family when we have brunch together, i can change the flavour of my granola every time. I do not have 100 recipes of chocolate cake, but i can make 100 recipes of granola !

Check out my Classic granola recipe with almonds and walnuts
Coming soon : the 5 ingredients granola recipes for baby chef

Homemade brioche with peanut butter and jam

Bread and brioche are national french passions. We can easily find affordable and very tasty bread and brioche in bakeries.
Homemade brioche is not an easy and quick recipe, i would be a lier if i say that. Making your own flavourish brioche needs time, muscles, and motivation !
I will share a recipe if i find an easy way to make a vegan and tasty brioche. At the moment, enjoy with your eyes and buy your brioche at the bakery (a good bakery please..), or make a banana bread 🙂
Bon appétit !!!



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